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    Date: 2010.09.15 | Category: Home | Response: 9 is a charitable network created to share information about free products online.  There are literally dozens of online opportunities for free samples. The idea is to use free products as a way to give back to your local community.  The people I know tend to have more time than money. Utilizing free samples to give back, is a great opportunity for everyone regardless of economic status to give to those who are less fortunate.

    One person requesting a sample wouldn’t make much of an impact. However, the idea is for small groups of individuals to work together; a church group, Boy Scouts, your office, a sports team, etc. Together if each of these individuals goes online and requests a couple of samples a week imagine what a group of 20 could do. Most of the sites listed on only require your name, address, and your email address.  But there are tons of other sites that only require a quick survey to claim your sample. After you receive your sample, simply take it to a local animal shelter, food bank, or homeless shelter, to start helping others. is available for you to use to blog about your personal experiences and the names of web sites or offers you have encountered while online.  SharingSamples is a great opportunity in which schools, churches, and businesses can network together and give back to their communities. 

    Please click on “Links to Samples,” on the top of the screen, to get started.

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    SharingSamples is in NO WAY PROFITING from anything ordered or donated as a result of the information contained on this site